Real human partial articulated skeleton thorax and sacrum


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This is an antique mounted and articulated spine, clavicle, scapula, sternum, sacrum and the ribs from what would have been a full human articulated skeleton. This example came from a medical school and it appears to have had quite a hard time there. Not only have all the limbs, pelvis and skull all gone, but there has also bee quite a bit of damage to the end of the ribs where the cartilage joins them to the sternum.

The fibre wadding is still between the vertebrae in the spine to mimic the vertebral discs and cushion the vertebrae. The bones have a nice deep colour and patina which shows that they have had a lot of handling and use.

This right side of the skeleton has been very carefully coloured and annotated to show muscle attachments. This is particularly visible on the scapula and the vertebrae. This may have been done by the original skeleton supply company as it is very professionally done.

An interesting example of illustrated man.

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