Real Human pelvis and femur with material to show soft tissue attachment


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This is the second of two similar items that came in as part of a collection from a medical school. A real human half pelvis with the top part of the femur attached.

The university description of this item is a follows: "This is a female left pelvis and section of femur of a mature adult. The hip joint appears to be fused with some soft tissue still in place. If this is the case, fusion may have followed septic arthritis, tuberculosis or ankylosing spondylosis (although there are minimal signs of this elsewhere on pelvis)".

With close examination there appear to be a series of old small nails or wires around the joint which might be fixing the femur in place. In this case, the soft tissue is probably artificial, although it is very real looking.

The pelvis has also been drilled and still appears to have the outline of a washer which would indicate that it was attached a sacrum.

There is some damage to the pelvis and part of the ischium has been broken off.

Total length is 30cm.


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