Tibet shaman Naga Mala snake vertebrae necklace. Authentic and very rare.


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The Tibetan Naga Mala is used traditionally by shaman as protection from evil spirits and by villagers as a protection from magical attacks. They are traditionally passed down from generation to generation.

These are prepared in a specific and traditional manner where the dead snake is stretched out and buried in the ground. During burial, a mantra and other rituals and empowerments are directed toward the snake bones, after which the cleaned vertebrae are dug up, threaded and dedicated to the Naga and to Shiva, ready for use. It is important that the vertebrae are strung together in the original order.

Naga malas are primarily used in healing ceremonies, for protection and to connect the shaman with the kundalini and spiritual energy of the spinal column and are also used to encircle the altar to keep evil spirits away.

This is a particularly fine example showing a great depth of colour and patina which has been gained over many years of regular handling and use. The spines on the vertebrae have been smoothed and worn away over all the years and the protrusions and edges of the bones have all been worn too. An authentic and well used piece of shamanic and Tibetan history and a very rare find.

The mala measures 58cm along the length of the vertebrae with the extra cord adding another 8cm.




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