Very small real human medical half skeleton in box.


This is a really interesting item. It is an antique real human medical half skeleton in the original box. The skeleton is very dainty and small although a fully grown adult.

Overall the skeleton is in very good condition and is complete with all the ones that should be present including all the ribs, hand and foot fully strung and complete and all vertebrae present and strung together. The bones are in excellent condition.

The skull is fascinating as from first glance when you pick it up you might think that it is a child as it is so small. Unfortunately, the incisors and canines have all disappeared over the years but the molars and pre-molars are present. They show quite a lot of wear and there is staining on the teeth that would indicate chewing betel nut. Even though the skull is small it has adult dentition. There is also a small chip missing from the front of the cranium where it locates on the pin and also another very small piece missing at the back as can be seen in the photos.

There is a little blue tinge on the upper jaw of the skull which would appear to be the remains of paint as the ulna and radius have been painted to sho attachment points. I am sure that with a solvent and a bit of elbow grease, these would be easy enough to remove.

I have included a photograph of the skull, spine, hand and foot with a 12" ruler to try to show the very small size of the bones.

The brass fittings on the skull and the style of box would suggest that this skeleton was supplied in the first half of the 20th Century. The box is also intact although there is no suppliers label remaining. Given it's age it is still in excellent condition

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