Vintage disarticulated real human medical skull in wooden box


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This is a disarticulated real human medical skull. All the bones of the skull have been separated to show the individual structures.

The box measures 32cm high x 26cm x 26cm. The box has a hinged lid and inside is a lift out tray that has been sub-divided into 6 compartments. Underneath the tray is a larger space for the larger skull sections. The bones are still wrapped in what might be the original paper and there is even a partial page of a newspaper that has been used in the bottom of the box as padding. This is from The Observer Sunday April 21st 1940.

The skull is unfortunately incomplete. It has the frontal bone, two parietal bones, the occipital, two temporal, two maxilla, the sphenoid and the ethmoid bone and the mandible, all of which are in excellent condition.Most of the remaining small bones are also present although some of the more fragile have broken over the years. Some of the bones are also annotated to show the lines of arteries and veins etc.

This is an unusual item and an interesting example of these medical specimens.