Vintage full articulated real human skeleton medical specimen.


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Vintage real human full articulated medical skeleton. 

This is a nice example of a medical skeleton. Unfortunately, it is missing one foot and I suspect that an arm and leg have been replaced as the limb lengths are slightly different. From the condition and fixtures, I believe this example is early to mid 20th Century. There are no labels on the skeleton but it was obviously from a quality supplier.

There are a few finger and toe bones although most of these are still with the skeleton, just in a plastic bag. A simple job to reattach. 

The skull is in very good condition. Although it appears that all the teeth are present, the front teeth are made from a dental cement or similar. They have been very well made though and appear right from a distance.

The chest is in excellent condition with no broken ribs. These are often one of the first things that get broken due to their fragility and the stress of being articulated. 

Overall it is in very good condition and just in need of a replacement foot. 


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