Vintage medical real human disarticulated / beauchene skull in box


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This is an exceptionally good example of a disarticulated skull. I don't know which company supplied this as there is no label on or in the box but it is of the highest quality. 

The box itself is a purpose made wooden box with a sectioned tray that lifts out revealing a space underneath. The tray and box are lined with blue baize type material. The box itself is covered in a black fabric and is lockable complete with key. The box, inside and out are in excellent condition. The box measures 22cm x 21cm x 24cm.

The skull has been very well prepared and is complete as you can see from the photographs. This is the most complete disarticulated skull I have seen as it also has the ear bones in a small phial and three bones to make up the hyoid.

The bones are all in excellent condition as can be seen from the photos. The skull would have been of a youth as the bones are very fine and the dentition is that of a young teenager as the molars have yet to erupt and the teeth are un-worn.

An unusually good example of this type of medical skull.

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