Vintage real human half medical skeleton


This is a nice, complete example of a real human medically prepared skeleton. Unfortunately, the skull has had a bit of damage over the years with part of the right temporal and a piece of the right parietal and occipital also missing. There are also only a few teeth in the skull although this appears to be the skull from an older person as most of the teeth appear to have been lost pre-mortem. The hooks and springs that articulate the jaw and hold the cranium in place are still present. The skull appears to be slightly deformed as it does seem markedly asymmetrical. 

The rest of the half skeleton is in good condition with all the ribs present and intact. All vertebrae are also present and are strung together. The hand and foot bones are also strung together to show articulation. The bones of the coccyx are also still present which is good as these small bones are often lost in the older examples.


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