Vintage real human half medical skeleton in box.


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A nice example of a medically prepared skeleton from the second half of the 20th Century.

The skeleton in complete with all bones present. The ribs are all in good condition as are the vertebrae. The vertebrae have not been drilled and strung together so they are all still separate. This is quite unusual in medically prepared skeletons. All the vertebrae have been annotated with the number. 

The hand and foot bones are all present and in good condition. The bones have all been strung together on nylon line. The lines have been knotted but plenty of slack has been allowed so that the bones can be separated. All the bones, except the skull, have at some stage had a coat of varnish. This must have been to try to preserve them and prevent crumbling. The varnish is not too thick so it has not discoloured the bones much.

The skull is in fair condition. Unfortunately, the springs that articulate the jaw and the hooks to hold the cranium in place have gone missing over the years. The bones of the skull are in pretty good condition. Many of the teeth are missing with mainly just the molars remaining.


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