Vintage real human half medical skeleton in wooden case


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This skeleton is in excellent condition and comes in a purpose built wooden carrying case. 

The skull is in excellent condition and the only tooth that is missing was lost pre-mortem as the jaw bone has healed over (see photos). The fittings to hold the cranium in place and the springs to articulate the jaw are all present and by the style, would suggest that this example was from the first half of the 20th Century.

The skeleton itself is in great condition although there are only 11 ribs. You can also see in the photos that at some stage two of the ribs had been broken although they healed, they did not heal perfectly.

All the bones including the skull have been given a coat of varnish in the past to help preserve them. This has left them with a slightly yellow colour. I would imagine that this could be removed with a bit of time, patience and solvent.

I don't know whether the box was made for the skeleton but from the handle and latches it does appear to be contemporary. The skeleton is a good fit within and with some bubble wrap it holds it very well.


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