Vintage Auzoux Paris real human articulated foot medical model.


This is a fascinating and unusual item. A vintage medical model prepared by the Auzoux company in Paris. The company of Auzoux was established in 1827 by Louis Auzoux as a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality anatomical models. 

This example was part of a collection that came from a medical college. It is still in good condition as can be seen from the photos. This foot has the base of the tibia and fibula attached and has been superbly prepared with the bones wired together and with artificial tendons and ligament attached to the bones to show location and articulation. The proximal phalanges of the two little toes have broken but are still in place and the end of the medial malleolus has broken off where a pin goes through the foot bones.

Interestingly, there are also pronounced bone spurs on the underside of the toe bones.

The Auzoux label is also present. An unusual item and in great condition.

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