About Us

I have been privileged in my life to have worked with many fascinating and amazing species of animals across the world and this has led to my obsession with natural history. My aim is to bring this awe and wonder to others.

Nature reaches out to people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures and is appreciated by most. Finding items for yourself is the most fulfilling way to build a collection but you can be limited by your location. Having amassed a vast collection over the years I have realised that there are many other people who share my interest so I have turned this passion into my business.

My collections are eclectic within the sphere of natural history and this is reflected in the range of items that I stock. All my items are ethically sourced. None of the animals were knowingly killed for specimens. The only exception might be some of the antique taxidermy items. Most of the skulls are found on beaches, in the countryside or often obtained from animals killed on the roads. The human bones are all antique medical and anthropological specimens.

The Cabinet of Curiosities is a celebration of the exciting design, diversity and exquisite world of nature.